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Bedroom suite 3

Mazzini 31 has three large and luxurious bedrooms all with their own private bathroom, All bedrooms have frescoed ceiling and walls, terrazzo tile floor and their own very unique feel. Two of the rooms also have a sitting couch that doubles as an extra twin bed. The work of restoring all the frescoes was daunting and long but the results speak for themselves. Each room has its own distinctive look and feel with, in some cases, frescoes that have been unveiled under layers of plaster, paint and wall covering and are more than 400 years old. IOn some of the walls we found layers upon layers of different frescoes and in restoring them we decided to keep and blend ones from different eras creating a unique effect and blend. As for the rest of the residence we infused the old with daring touches of modern elements like floating colored glass shields concealing wardrobes, classic 60’s italian furniture, custom made marble sinks, modern light fixtures and humorous yet poetic touches that are the trademark of all our renovations.