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Living room & Library

The library was originally the formal dining room of the residence which we transformed into a welcoming entry with comfortable chaises for reading, chatting, and napping. It has a selection of books as well as objects acquired during our travels around the world. The walls are covered with rich, striped frescos and the vaulted ceilings decorated with floral designs both typical of the 18th Century. These creations were carefully restored by skilled local artisans who are descendants of the original artists who worked for the Marocchi family in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

The living room is the largest room in the house and to our surprise its walls had no frescos, probably because they were once clad in elegant silk wallpaper. An intriguing feature of this room are charming pencil drawings on the walls which are clearly the work of the artists who sketched designs as they planned the frescos for the walls and ceilings of Mazzini 31. There is even a caricature of one of the heirs of the Marocchi family who commissioned the artist’s work. In addition, the ceilings are filled with lunettes of imaginary landscapes in frames of pink, yellow, and green that imitate stucco. The floors throughout are made of “terrazzo” tiles typical of the 19th Century in varied colors and complicated patterns that give an eclectic feel to the entire residence. Today the living room blends all these features to provide a vibrant and varied living space with a salvaged marble fireplace, modern sofa, and bold credenza, complemented by precious locally sourced antiques.