Mazzini 31


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To make your stay at Mazzini 31 a memorable one we will create tailored services to allow you to relax and enjoy the best the area has to offer right in the comfort of the home. Let us know about your needs and desires and we will assist you in the planning of special events, dinners, cooking classes, wine tours and more. We work with talented chefs to bring you the best in home cooking, cooking classes and wine & cheese tastings. We have wonderful drivers who can be at your service for just a day or for the entire stay. We can schedule a private massage therapist to come right to the home for the pleasure and relaxation of one or many guests. Here is a short list of services we can help you with!


On the evening of your arrival, or any other night, one of our cooks will delight you with a home cooked scrumptious meal made exclusively with fresh, local ingredients and in the most authentic Italian style. The meals are fully served and customized for your group. Or you can indulge in a wonderful breakfast delivered every morningcomplete with fresh baked goods, juice, coffee, cereal, yoghurt and more. Prices upon request.


Can be arranged upon your arrival so you have a full stocked refrigerator and pantry. We will provide you with a list that you can edit to suit your needs and add a small fee for handling it.


We are lucky to have our friends and wonderful Michelin star chefs Iside and Romano from "la Parolina" organize cooking classes for our guests either at Mazzini 31 or in the kitchen of their restaurant. This is a wonderful experience if you want to explore the secrets of superb Italian cuisine with a special chef’s flare. Dinner isserved after each class and wine pairings can be requested. Ask us about the available menus!


At Mazzini 31 you will find a great cellar with over 200 bottles of the finest wines of the region, inside a wonderful underground cave dug into the tufa rock hundreds of year ago + a price list for your use. Feel free to drink all you want and we can charge you for their use after your departure from the house. If you have any specific wine requests let us know and we will try to accommodate you. The wines are mostly a selection of local and unique producers in a good range of prices and varieties. If you want to know more about these and more delightful wines and their characteristics and indulge in the perfect local cheese pairings, we will organize a wine & cheese tasting and invite an expert chef in the comfort of the house! A great way to learn and savor the local territory so rich in both traditions. We can also arrange wine tours to visit some of the most wonderful vineyards nearby and further away, with and without a driver. Usually the tours are organized so you can visit 2 or 3 vineyards for tastings in each one, with a light lunch or picnic at one of the vineyards or good local restaurant.


Mazzini 31 is a great place to come and celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary. We will personally help you organize any event and take away the stress of having to do it yourself with limited time and resources. We do our best to make every celebration as beautiful and memorable as possible! We have a great network of professional people, from caterers to musi- cians, from photographers to hair dressers, bakers, etc..who will make any celebration a special one. If your wishes are simple we include our assistance into the rental of the hosue and if you need major planning we will work with you on a small fee for providing our help. Ask us for details!


Different size cars and Minivans are available and can be scheduled in advance if you need to be picked up or dropped off at a train station, airport, or if you would simply like a chaffeur to take you to the places you want to visit without driving yourself. We can organize private tours to any destination for a single day or for the entire week. Our drivers will also allow you to explore out of the way castles, hamlets, wineries and vineyards and we can combine all this with wine tastings and special meals in the most beautiful areas of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. Let us know your needs and we will be happy to schedule this for you.


A professionally trained and very experienced massage therapist who has been working at exlusive spas for many years will come to the house for your convenience and deliver a great selection of treatments and massages including Lympho-draining massages, Holistic massages, Chinese zu reflexology and much more. Prices vary. Ask us for availability.
To rent other beautiful vacation properties in Italy and Mexico visit also
Contact: T. (001) 773 4255730 or